2131 Days

I just posted my most recent entry “Being Young” when I saw the date today. I started writing the previous entry yesterday, April 5th, but I went out while waiting for the pictures to be uploaded. I didn’t realize that it was already past midnight. I saw the time as 1:02 a.m. Philippine time. So, it is still a little past midnight here. Yes, I never changed the date and time settings on my computer, mobile phones and even my watches. I just have to deduct the time difference so I can track the time here. So far, I have gotten used to it. But that isn’t what this new entry is about. Hehehe.

Today is April 6, 2012, the 70th month since Elo and I got together. I haven’t texted him yet. On days like this, I hate being away. This long-distance relationship is killing me. But it makes me want to thank it also.

I chose to work abroad in search of a better paying school. This decision I made a year ago is such a giant leap of faith. It was like putting everything at risk. But so far, I am at ease. Even with the distance, I am feeling a great sense of security. He has not made me doubt about our relationship. I feel like he even improved into a much better person. He shows more commitment than he did before. I can feel his love with every message he sends. He would inform me his daily schedule, where he goes and who he’s with. It’s not that I wouldn’t allow him, but I feel grateful that he keeps me informed. He’s more than a thousand miles away, but he comforts me like he’s just next door. He makes my stay here bearable saying each day without me is a day nearer to the time we’d meet again.

I thank you, hun, for keeping up. Thank you for being strong for us. It’s our 70th month. That’s exactly 2 131 days of being in love. We’re just two months away to our much-awaited 6th! We’ll be together by then. I just can hardly wait.

Smile, hun, because it’s a happy day. Check below. Here’s your present! YEY! I love you!

Flight details!!!

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