Being Young

Maundy Thursday today. No school today and tomorrow.

We got invited to a student’s birthday party in Lollipop in Gandaria City. Another first for me. Such a cool place and it made me want to be a kid again. We also got to play in some areas but the Flying Fox was something I so wanted to try. Unfortunately, adults cannot be accommodated. We just enjoyed the huge inflatable slide. It’s bad that we cannot get a decent picture as everyone was jumping causing the unsteady shots.

Ball pool!

That's the big slide behind us

Ms. Nilam, Ms. Tammy and me. Ready to slide!

She almost wet her pants

The last picture was Ate Lanie. She was so scared that her students tried to push her down. She kept screaming and tried to use her feet to slow down. We were laughing so hard it gave us tummy-aches. Then one girl came to her and hugged her saying, “It’s OK, Teacher. Very good.” It was such an “Aaaww…” moment.

The party itself was great. I had a hard time understanding their language but I tried my best with context clues. The kids were so entertaining and so bright in answering questions. None of them were killjoys. They danced and did whatever they were told.

Game on!

These kids are really entertaining.

I so love this class. They just have the right amount of innocence which is so fun to watch.

I enjoyed playing with the kids. It was fun to be dragged to play. Sliding and jumping released some stress that I have been feeling. It made me want to go back to the time where all I have to worry about are homeworks and friends. I want to go back to a place like this and make myself a child again.

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