Day 05 – Your Views On Religion

30-Day Meme Challenge Series

Disclaimer: This one’s a difficult topic but a challenge is a challenge so here goes nothing.

I was raised a Roman Catholic. I spent years in a school run by nuns. First Friday of the month is always celebrated. Sunday is a day of obligation. I won’t be a hypocrite and say that I am a devout Catholic. I am not. I admit that I am lazy to wake up early to go to church. I want to but laziness often gets the best of me. I hate it when I feel drowsy halfway through it. I don’t fast and abstain during holy week. I don’t do everything they say that would help me gain my salvation.

I don’t discriminate. Each religion has its own way of showing and practicing their faith. Nonetheless, all religion work towards an ultimate goal, to find life’s true meaning and purpose. They all believe that there is a greater being than all of us. They have faith in that “greater” being.

I am not as Catholic as I should be. I don’t observe rituals diligently. I have faith, though. There would always be time for me to give my thanks, ask for forgiveness, and make requests. But more importantly, I try my best to do good to others.

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