Day 09 – Your Siblings

30-Day Meme Challenge Series

Xerxes (a.k.a. Tet; Kuya)

Kuya Xerxes

A nurse by profession, kuya is the house master chef! We don’t like to admit but he’s really good at it. He’s rarely home, though. God only knows where he usually stays. So, when he’s home, we really make sure he does the cooking. He expects it anyway. He’s such a Casanova (Sorry, kuya). At 28 [29 on May 24], I really think he has not met his match.

Verna (a.k.a. Ate)

Ate Verna

She’s the medical technologist that interns drool over (I do exaggerate a bit). She’s pretty but I guess she doesn’t believe so[because she knows I’m prettier LOL]. She’s the most responsible sister ever. She is someone the family can really rely on. Since kuya is mostly absent, she took on the role of the family driver when pops is away. She’s a great big sis.

Vergelle (a.k.a. Gel; The Precious One; Bunso)


Gel is 4 years younger than me. She’s a 4th year chemical engineering student in the University of the Philippines. She is the precious one because she’s our baby. She is a constant honor student since nursery. She finished elementary as the batch salutatorian and graduated with high honors from Philippine Science High School. She is also among the Oblation scholars (Top 50 of the thousands who took the UPCAT) of her batch. She’s precious because she’s my parents one-way ticket to fame. LOL. At 20, she’s still and will always be our baby. We can’t say no to her requests. She’s has a way to make everyone smile with her antics. She’s the magnet that keeps the family together.

Alfredo (a.k.a. Janno)


Ja is really my cousin but he has been living with us since we were young kids that we consider him more of a brother than a cousin. He’s been living with us since he was in 5th grade. He’s now a high school teacher. He’s the ever dependable guy who knows chores more than anyone else at home. He’s very responsible and my mom considers him as her 2nd son.

Luis (a.k.a. Awis) and Sophia (a.k.a. Pipay)

Luis and Sophia

They’re another set of cousins who lived with us. They’re the kids we were able to take care of when they were babies. They are the sweetest kids ever. They already migrated to Guam and they are greatly missed at home. We don’t have kiddos to bring to the mall. I hope I see them again soon. 🙂

Vergelle's high school graduation dinner with the fambam.

This is the most complete picture I could find. Ja was the one who took the photo. Handsome and pretty earthlings eh? Yeah, blame it on the genes. LOL. 😀

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