Day 16 – Your Favorite Movie

30-Day Meme Challenge Series

It was released in 1997. I was in 4th grade. Watching it then, I fell in love with Jack Dawson. With his looks and obvious charisma, who wouldn’t? It was so great a tragedy when the RMS Titanic passenger liner sank in the middle of the freezing North Atlantic Ocean. Of course, at age 10, I didn’t really thought of the historical significance of the movie. All I took notice of was the incredible but tragic love story of the handsome Leo and Kate. My classmates and I developed a sickening crush on Leo, I even blamed Rose’s stupidity of jumping back into the ship. Jack would have survived. LOL.

Titanic c1997

In that movie, people chose between struggling to survive and accepting death. The old couple on the bed; the mom lulling her kids to sleep; the rich, old man in wheelchair with his attendant; the band who kept playing until the end were just some of those who left a great mark to me as they accepted their death. I might not be sure, but they seem to have lived a full life.

Titanic 3D c2012

For the next years after its release, I could still watch it with the same enthusiasm as the first time. So, when it was again released this year in 3D format, I couldn’t miss it. I watched it here in Indonesia and I still love it. I have few concerns though. I hated the fact that there were Indonesian subtitles and it kept flashing in the middle of the screen. I remember that Rose’s breasts were seen as Jack was painting but it was not there in the 3D format. I guess it was edited. And also, the love scene was also cut. Is it the same everywhere or is it just here in Indonesia? LOL.

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