Day 19 – Disrespecting Your Parents

30-Day Meme Challenge Series

The coolest parents

I had the strictest parents in the world. I grew up well-sheltered and they expected us to be the children they want us to be. I wallowed into rebellion against their beliefs and I would never deny that I was the strong-willed brat that they have.

Yeah, I had [and could still have] the famous middle-child syndrome. I still feel like they favored my other siblings more than me. It was because of that that I had my fair share of arguments with my parents. I had those frequent tantrums and fighting back until it was time for me to leave the house. I tell you, they really are strict and would always insist on what they believe in. We had our arguments because we have the same strong-willed personality. They became more lax when we got older and maybe they realized that we were starting going on our own ways.

I know the reason behind their beliefs. I know that behind all the arguments we had, they only had our best interest at heart. I knew the things they went through to become the best parents they could be for us. And with that, I will always have that respect and admiration on how they were able to pull it through.

We never fought since the time I left. We appreciate each other more because of the distance and that the month-long vacations I will have will always be a precious moment spent with them. At 24 and being away from my family taught me a lot of things. One of them is that I can never find any substitute for my parents’ love for me. They will always be my ultimate supporters, no matter the distance.

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