Day 20 – How Important You Think Education Is

30-Day Meme Challenge Series

Becoming a teacher is probably the most ironic thing that happened to me. Going down memory lane, I never really learned how to study. I don’t think I was able develop study habits. I was a very lazy student. I hated waking up early and I remember having bouts of argument with my mom trying to get me to go to school. I do homework and stuff but I never learned how to study for quizzes and exams. Though I love being with my friends, I hate being in school. I even remember wanting to have a crush so that I can look forward to coming to school just so I can see him. The only things I look forward to in school are the field trips. That’s how much I dislike school.

But there were exceptional moments when I loved school. I’d feel the excitement when school’s about to open for the new school year and I’d feel nostalgic when it’s time to leave the school. New stuff for a new school year excites me. I would read and answer activities on those new books. I love the smell of new books and freshly sharpened pencils. Then, I’d get teary when school year ends. But, the time in between spent for studying was insignificant.

In as much as I hate school, I finally realized how important school was in my life. It was, after all, where I became what I am now. I might not have been the best student but I am grateful I was sent to school.  My parents would threaten to have us stop school if we won’t study well. I might have hated studying but I was afraid to be dropped.

My parents value good education. They pursued so they could send us to good schools. They would tell us that it was the only thing they could give us. And I was grateful they provided me with such. Education didn’t just provided me knowledge of the world, education gave me the courage to face it.

The school is just an institution that provides us with the fundamentals of learning, hence we become literate. That kind of education is essential to every human being. It is the best investment we could have. It becomes our bread and butter in life. It prepares us mentally, physically, and socially for the world. It provides us with more understanding of the world around us, with enlightenment, with encouragement. We become capable of a better life and making right decisions. Education is a source of light which leads us to a path where goodness exists. Remember that education is a catalyst.

I regret not finishing my masters. It could have given me more opportunities. But I know it’s not yet too late to get it. I know of people who finished theirs later in life so I am not in a hurry. I’ll do it in time when I’m ready. Learning doesn’t end in the classrooms anyway. When it might be true that education is knowledge gain of lessons mostly from the textbooks we read, it is more on our everyday living or life lessons. Education is a lifelong process.

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