Day 21 – How Have You Changed In The Past 2 Years

30-Day Meme Challenge Series

2010: I taught elementary students and took leaves/absences when I felt like it.

2012: I teach preschoolers and I can never be absent.


2010: I relied on somebody else. Chores were not my thing.

2012: I have nothing else to rely on except myself.


2010: I traveled with the family. And when I went with boyfriend, I asked permission first.

2012: I travel with friends as I please.


2010: I was easily pissed off with everything when things didn’t go the way I want it to.

2012: I let it go…


2010: I complained a lot.

2012: I listen first…then follow or give suggestions.


2010: I ate a lot.

2012: I still eat a lot…but I try to exercise. :p


2010: I stayed in my comfort zone.

2012: I explore. I take risks.


2010: I spent money like there’s no tomorrow.

2012: I try to keep myself from buying things I don’t need…and if I do need it, I try to postpone it until I really, reaaalllly need it.


2010: I took experiences for granted.

2012: I make and keep memories.


2010: I fought with my family.

2012: We are closer than we ever were.


2010: I bought junk foods.

2012: I splurge on fruits.


2010: I read a lot.

2012: I read and write and think.


2010: I worried too much.

2012: I live life one day at a time.


2010: I asked for too much.

2012: I am more thankful for what I have. I appreciate every little thing.


This new-found independence is teaching me a lot of things. Living on my own (that meant away from the fambam), gave me no choice but to learn how to stand on my own two feet. There’s a purpose why I was put in this place on my own and I am giving myself a chance to find out who I really am and what I am capable of.

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