Day 23 – Give Pictures Of 5 Guys Who Are Famous Who You Find Attractive

30-Day Meme Challenge Series

There are more than a handful of beautiful and drool-worthy celebrities out there so it was quite difficult for me to limit it to 5. I couldn’t quite decide what basis to use for selecting.

Here’s my list of Top 5 Handsome Celebrities.

5. Leonardo diCaprio

Well, there’s Titanic, Shutter Island, and Inception and you just couldn’t resist those blue eyes.

4. Jung Yong Hwa

That little right tooth of his is so adorable. Who can resist a guy who’s handsome, plays the guitar, and sing? And did you know, he writes songs too?

3. Zac Efron

From the cute teenager from The High School Musical, he has emerged to show his sexy butt in The Lucky One. Teehee,

2. Chace Crawford

I stopped watching Gossip Girls a long time ago but this guy’s such a hottie I couldn’t get him out of my head. That bed is so inviting, I would really love to lie down there beside him. 🙂

…and the last but definitely not the least… ten ten nen nen…

1. Lee Min Ho

Sorry but I gotta be honest and loyal. I have seen all his dramas and so far, I have never been disappointed. I lust for Lee Min Ho. LOL. He’s the reason behind my wanting to live in Korea. We’re born on the same year. Yeah, I know, we’re soulmates and him falling in love with me is more realistic than those 4 mentioned above. Wahahahaha!

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