Day 26 – What Kind Of Person Attracts You

30-Day Meme Challenge Series

There are 2 factors that attraction requires: The Physical and The “Something Beneath the Surface”


1. Face. The face is the first thing we all see. And what nice look wouldn’t make you take that second look? I like guys with expressive eyes. I dig those smiling and twinkling eyes.

2. Teeth. They highlight smiles and a guy with straight set of whites when he smiles looks kissable. Teehee.

3. Fingernails. Most guys don’t usually make a big deal about their fingernails so it’s really something if a guy can maintain clean fingernails.


The “Something Beneath the Surface”:

1. Talent. It’s always good if a guy has at least one talent he can show off. Be it dancing, singing, or playing an instrument or a sport or even writing. It would be nice to be a fangirl.

2. Sense of Humor. I don’t like boring.

3. Shy and/or Mysterious. Guys who are kind of shy or mysterious tend to pull me towards them. I like the challenge of knowing what ticks them.

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