Day 29 – Hopes, Dreams And Plans For The Next 365 Days

30-Day Meme Challenge Series

I have been away from the family for almost a year now and homesickness attacks come almost everyday. I badly wanted to go home and just stay there but I’ve got to be practical. I have this opportunity to work here and get a more generous pay than what I could ever get from back home. I also don’t have much to complain about my job here. In fact, I kind of love it. But still, home is where the heart is and right now it is there in the Philippines. So when I was called by my boss for another contract signing for the next school year, I didn’t have second thoughts. It has been decided that I will be coming back here after the school’s summer break.

This has been my first year and I realized I wasn’t able to save up like what I initially intend to do. So for the next school, I really plan to save. I need to save to I can go back to Manila and just put up my own little preschool. It wouldn’t pay much but at least I’ll be with the family. And of course, I want to settle down.

For the past 10 months, I was able to visit Bandung and Jogjakarta. I also got to explore the different areas in Jakarta. In 3 weeks time, I’ll be visiting Bali. Travelling is one of the reasons why I braved working here. I need to explore the outside world without the comfort and security my parents could give if I travel with them. I want to try to visit other parts of Indonesia, perhaps Bromo or Lombok. Visiting neighboring countries [which don’t require a visa] like Thailand, Vietnam, or Hongkong. Korea would also be a brilliant choice. Whatever, I just want to travel more.

I have been going to the gym for almost a month now and I really enjoy the classes. So far, I haven’t seen any results LOL. I know I still eat a lot.  Hopefully, after the summer break, when I’m back here on July, I can get more serious in trimming my body. I need to start watching what I eat.

For now, these are the things I can think of. These are the things I want to accomplish for the next year. I hope I can achieve it. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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