Day 30 – Your Highs And Lows Of This Month

30-Day Meme Challenge Series


  • Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 from mom got snatched in Bandung! 😥
  • Cellphone, camera, wallet with cash and cards, make-up kit, and Coach shades were in it.
  • No money for 2 weeks after that.
  • Stressful portfolios for 25 kiddos (it was like making narratives for 100 kids minus the picture-taking for the much-needed photos).
  • Missed this year’s feast in my mom’s hometown.
  • Spent Mom’s Day away from my supermom.
  • NO INTERNET FOR DAYS! (The reason for my super-duper late last entry for this 30-Day Meme Challenge Series.)


  • Pops paid my credit card debts. Teehee!
  • Booked the much-awaited Bali trip with boyfriend for our 6th year anniversary.
  • Done with final episode of this year’s kids’ portfolios.
  • Successful school production.
  • Saw great improvements and developments in my little kiddos.
  • Started going to the gym! (Finally!)
  • Got the hang of blog writing.
  • Got an increase for next school year! Yey!
  • Booked my flight back home. 😀
  • Got mom her favorite cake and some flowers for Mom’s Day.
  • Boyfriend did the delivery (Sweeeeet!).
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