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Stressed by Immigration

Been on a haitus. I’m finally home.

Graduation went smoothly but the stress came just when I was about to leave the hotel room to pick up hun from the airport.

I have been waiting for the Bali trip since I got the plane tickets. I couldn’t contain my excitement when June 6 came. It was our 6th year anniversary and his scheduled flight to Jakarta. His flight was at 9 in the evening. 30 minutes before I left the hotel, he sent me a text message telling me he was offloaded. DANG! You see, some assistant teachers were at the hotel room as well and we were having a few drinks. I was already feeling a bit buzzy and his news being offloaded threw me over the edge. I was shouting like a madman and scolding him for being so passive.

The immigration officer wouldn’t believe that he’s just on tour. They asked for the copies of reservations and his certificate of employment. And because I was the one who prepared everything, he didn’t have the copies. It was his first time to travel overseas, so he was not also informed that he has to have all these requirements. I didn’t also know. I have been travelling but those were not asked from me.

I asked him to book the next flight but I was crestfallen when I found out that the next flight was Friday at 8:50pm. Our Bali flight was Friday at 7:50pm. It was a good thing that I thought of Singapore. I asked him to go home and furnish a copy of all our reservations and get his COE. He took the cheapest flight to Singapore the next day and I booked him for Singapore-Jakarta with AirAsia.

His hotel reservation in Jakarta was put to waste. I stayed there instead so as not to throw away the Rp. 2,000,000 (about Php 10,000) for the 2-nights. We spent another Php 10,000 for his Manila-Singapore-Jakarta tickets just to catch the flight to Bali.

The most annoying part was the immigration officer who sent him for interview denied that it was him. He said that if it was him, he would most definitely make him go through. Then he asked how much my boyfriend paid for the new booking and said, “Tsk! It could have been pocket money already.”  I didn’t know if it was said sarcastically but it made me want to strangle him.

It was funny that my boyfriend got in so much trouble with the Philippine Immigration but was easily let in by Singapore and Indonesia without having to show the reservations. It made me think that maybe the reason why he was denied boarding was because he bought his ticket through the P1 seat sale. Maybe they had him offloaded for him to buy another ticket if he really wants to push through with his trip. It cost us more that what we intend to spend. I don’t know if this is CebuPacific’s tactic to make more money. But I am definitely writing a letter to make a formal complaint.


I’ll be posting the Bali trip soon. đŸ™‚

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My friends had been bugging me to put up a Twitter account. I finally did jumped in the bandwagon for a reason. Not because of my friends but because I wanted to see updates from Lee Min Ho and Lee Hyun-jae. LOL. Nonetheless, I know my loving friends would be the reason it’ll be active.

I haven’t got the hang of it. I tend to just click away. Hopefully soon I do. But for the meantime, pardon my aggressive following. Add me up (teacher_vera).

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