Life Is Just Beginning

…for Ate Lanie. She just turned 40 last September 29 and we had a 3-day celebration.

She planned to treat everyone at work last Friday since her actual birthday was Saturday. But here in Indonesia, they believed that one cannot celebrate his/her birthday in advance as it brings bad luck. However, our other friends, Kuya Arie and Kuya Gustaf, will be busy the following day, so we just had an “ordinary” dinner at home that Friday night. Of course, regardless of their belief, we still think that that night was her advance birthday dinner. Great food that night, but since most Indonesians don’t really drink, we just had a few bottles of San Mig Light and Mix Max (plus Smirnoff and Jack Daniels). Teehee. San Mig Light suddenly became too bitter for me (or maybe because it wasn’t cold enough) but I enjoyed the Blueberry flavor of Mix Max.

We didn’t have Magic Sing karaoke so we just had Youtube. So, Kuya Arie decided he needed to buy one when he visits the Philippines this December.

Happy Birthday, Ate Lanie!

Happy Birthday, Ate Lanie!

Happy Birthday, Ate Lanie!

Happy Birthday, Ate Lanie!

We ended at around 11pm. What she didn’t know was that there’s another surprise waiting for her the following morning. Ms. Tammy, Ms, Yuke, and I planned a wake-up greeting for her on her actual birthday.



It didn’t end there as we planned for a Taman Mini trip the following day!


*Tagalog dictionary 🙂

Ate /a-te/ – older sister

Kuya /koo-yah/ – older brother

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