When Technology Fails

I am seriously suffering! Charger is no longer working so I cannot use my laptop. Faith’s episode 20 is already out and I can’t watch it. I tried it in my Blackberry but it doesn’t support Flash Player 10.1. I am trying to satisfy my boredom watching videos in Youtube but subtitles are already very small and difficult to read. I also tried opening my blog through my Blackberry but it is lagging and hanging. You wouldn’t believe how long I tried composing just one sentence. It took me about 10-15 minutes! So, here I am making an entry using the “Compose Text Message” and will try to copy and paste it on my blog. What pisses me off most is that my A/C isn’t turning on and that I have to try sleeping with the noise of the small electric fan standing above my head! I just hope I can sleep soon. Now, I just have to endure three things: 1. Use the “Jurassic” computer in school to work on my files; 2. Use this phone to be able to surf the internet; and 3. Try to sleep with the annoying clicking sound of the electric fan. If there’s one thing I’m thankful for these technological failures, it’s giving me time to enjoy the books I bought on sale. Hay! Reminder to self: “Sabar, dong.” (Sabar is Indonesian for patience.)

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6 thoughts on “When Technology Fails

  1. Try using universal charger?
    I’ve been using universal charger for my laptop since the original one was broken. You can discuss with computer shop owner about it. You’re lucky if the problem is only charger, because mine also the battery. It won’t turn on if I don’t plug the charger. I really want to replace it with the new one, but my budget is tight recently. Sucks much you know.

    • Yeah! It was a universal charger. Buying another charger was my original plan..but everything here is much more expensive than back home (Phil.) And I think it’s also a nice excuse to buy a new one. Teehee! We’ll see come payday. 🙂

      • I bought my charger for 90.000 IDR.
        The price is one of cheapests. It’s been used as good as the original one since July.

  2. That’s pretty cheap! Imma go check on thursday after work. It sucks not being able to have my korean drama fix for a week already..add to that the pain of enduring the ever so slow, primitive computer at my workplace. It’s so bad I’m going crazy and losing patience. LOL.

  3. gel

    ano books meron ka ngayon? 🙂 i want to buy mooooore! gusto ko pa bumili ng john green books (YA books) tsaka yung casual vacancy ni jk rowling! 🙂

    • bumili ako ng 2 classics.. pride and prejudice at sense and sensibility.. im reading seblold’s lucky. tas may spare book pa akong the crowning glory of calla lily ponder ni rebecca wells. nakita ko nga yang casual vacancy pero hard bound so mahal. :p

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