Saying Goodbye

She had long, shiny brown hair. She was sweet and very timid but she enjoyed being outdoors. Her name was Aiby. She was a long-haired Daschund. She came to our home so that Marga, our yellow Labrador, wouldn’t feel lonely whenever we go to work or school.

When Marga passed on, we experienced so much grief and so we tried our best to take back home one of Marga’s grandpuppies. Then Dia came. Aiby became her aunt. While Dia would jump around me wanting to play, Aiby would come quietly and lie down in front of me just waiting to be scratched. Like most dogs, she’s always eager to greet us when we get home but she was also there to bid us goodbye each time we go out of the house.

We are no strangers to death, both of my grandfathers died as I was growing up. One of them I was very close to. Only people with pets would understand the grief we are experiencing now but the death of a pet hurts as much as the death of a family member.

I know she died peacefully but it hurts so much not being able to see her one more time before she passed on. I wasn’t able to say goodbye. She won’t be there to greet me when I go home this December. I won’t be smiling as she comes towards me wiggling because her legs can only make tiny steps. I won’t be laughing at her “lowered” body.


Aiby (October 23, 2012)

Aiby (October 23, 2012)

This is my way of saying goodbye to you, Aiby. Thanks for being Dia’s super aunt. Thanks for giving me and my family so much joy. I kinda hate you for leaving nothing but memories. A baby Aiby would have been a nice remembrance. I know you’re in dog heaven already. I’ll miss you so much. Send my hellos to the rest of the wolfgang. ❤



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4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. I once had a gray cat, and I had him since he was still a newborn kitten. I didn’t give him name but I would always called him ‘buddy’. Last year he passed away because of illness and it was a big, sad shock for me. But in another side, I was relieved considering how much in pain he was in his last days. I know how you feel, and I sincerely give my condolences for your lost.

  2. Very sorry for your loss :(. This made me miss our Tyler, our old Lab that we left in Manila… Good thing you kept a photo of your dog, don’t say goodbye to wonderful memories.

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