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New House. New Responsibilities.

Today marks my second week in this new house. From our humble abode in Keuangan (in Cilandak), we now live in a much bigger house near Permata Hijau.

The night I arrived back from the Philippines, I already felt the stress of unpacking. Everything I have is still inside tightly sealed boxes. I was so tired from my flight that I decided to sleep right after arriving. But as it turned out, I stood up from the bed for 4 times to search for my towel, clothes to wear for work, toiletries, and blanket before I finally got to sleep straight.

The house itself is beautiful. Really big and very spacious. I have a bigger room now (Yay!). But as of right now, that is the only thing nice about this new home. Bigger house means bigger electricity bill. Longer distance from work means shorter sleeping time. New place means unfamiliarity with the area. I just wish I’m a little more adventurous. I admit I’m still afraid of getting lost around this big city.

Oh well, maybe I just need a little more time to get used to this new place. For now, I still have a lot of unpacking and tidying up to do.

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