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Assuming Lang Si Ako

The Bro: Hi! Did you do something to your hair?
Me: Sorry. I didn’t comb my hair. Hehehe.
The Bro: No. It looks good.
Me: Yeah. Haha.
The Bro: No, I’m serious. You look great. I rarely give compliments but when I do, I mean it. Oh, by the way, do you know what day is it tomorrow?
Kid: Tomorrow’s Chinese New Year.
The Bro: No, stup*d. Chinese New Year is on the 31st.
Me: Tomorrow’s the day before Chinese New Year. Hahaha.
The Bro: Yeah! Do you have anything you want for Chinese New Year?
Kid: She wants a “non-fat” pizza.
The Bro: Really? Calzone has. So we’re having dinner tomorrow. Would you like to join us?
Me: Haha. Kid, homework?
Kid: [whispering] I can’t believe he said a compliment!

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No Frills. Just Love.

No frills.

I am still hurting.

But I think this break-up is doing me some good…
Well, besides the lady mustache…Don’t I look gorgeous?! LOL!

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Seven years,
six months,
ten days.

I am bitter.
I am insecure.
I am depressed.
I know I am still hurting.

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