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5 Things I Would Like To Tell My Future Love

In as much as I want to write about what happened or what I felt then and what I feel now, I know I am still not in anyway ready to put it into words. I know it would still sound bitter and pathetic. I also want to be positive and write to my future love but I know that whatever comes out of me would still have a trace of him. This article may have missed a couple of things I would want to tell my future love, but it gives an unbiased message to whoever he’ll be.

Thought Catalog

1. Go on as many adventures as possible.

I hope you’re going everywhere and doing everything. Hang out with your friends. Travel a lot. See as much of the world as possible. Try as many exotic foods as you can. Climb mountains. Join Fun Runs. Go diving and skydiving. Explore this beautiful world. I hope you’re starting to check off items on your bucket list because one day, when we’re finally together, I would like to hear all about it. One day you will share all those stories with me, and maybe we’ll try to do them together too.

2. Find yourself.

I hope you’re taking time to get to know yourself. Take time analyzing what you really want to do in life. Love yourself and be strong for yourself. Some people enjoy being needed but I what I like is to be wanted. You are your own person and…

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