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It’s three in the morning and I’m still wide awake. I have to start getting ready for school/work by 6am. I should also mention that I just ended the long weekend. No classes since Thursday because of Islamic New Year. I wasn’t able to do anything productive since last Thursday from watching too much videos of Lee Min Ho’s Fun Meet in the Philippines.

Why am I still up? I just finished cramming progress report comments of 17 kids (That will be comments on 4 skills for 17 kids) to be checked by my principal. No deadline for this but I have to submit it for checking before I can encode it and add pictures in the tedious progress portfolio.

Cramming - the result of procrastinating

Cramming – the result of procrastinating

Well, it’s a good thing that I was able to finish. Finished with the comments, I mean. More work lined up until the end of the month. Though, I wouldn’t complain because I’ll be home soon!

Oh, the life of a fan girl! @_@

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Preps for Trick or Treat

Treats for Halloween

Treats for Halloween

I just bought goodies today for our school’s Trick or Treat on Wednesday. I am so poor lately hence the few goodies this year compared to last year.  It’s kinda difficult to think of treats which are not too sweet for the kids. Can’t we just let them take sweets once a year?! Oh well. Will start making individual packs tomorrow.

Candy Class 2012

Candy Class 2012

This was last year’s Candy Class. Aren’t they adorable? Already getting excited to see my class on Wednesday! Will post again soon. 🙂


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Happy Eid!

Jurassic machine

Jurassic machine

This was what I’ve been using for a week in making worksheets. I do use this regularly for printing since I don’t really have a choice but I try to avoid it for other purposes. It’s the only computer and printer for teachers in our school. Crazy? I know!  Since my laptop’s charger finally gave up, I couldn’t use it so I have to endure the pain of working using the Jurassic machine. It takes about 10 minutes just to download one picture and about an hour to print 10 pages. I think I have developed extreme patience because of this. LOL.

After a week of sacrifice, Pink is alive! I finally decided not to buy a new laptop. I chose to buy a universal charger, headphones/microphone, and an external hard drive. I thought it would be best to save my files first before my computer completely dies on me. I couldn’t bear to spend for a new laptop or I’ll go hungry for a month. Spent a little over 1,000,000 IDR for all these recent purchases. I have money to spare for a new phone! I was seriously tempted…but I chose not to. Saving up for the holidays!

Recent purchases

Recent purchases

Haay! Korean dramas are lined-up. Drama marathon for the long weekend is so on! First on the list: Arang and the Magistrate. Teehee! I had a week of sacrifice so I have the right enjoy my own version of the Eid. Enjoy the long weekend, everyone! Happy Eid to all our Muslim brothers and sisters! 🙂

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Of Apples And Chalkdust

Teacher's Day 2012

What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.  ~Karl Menninger

For these little children who call me “Peacher Beya”, what I teach in the classroom matters less than the comfort of kiss and hug for every tear because of a bump or when mommy is nowhere to be found. From the simple things they were able to accomplish to every small word uttered give me fulfillment knowing I taught them that. The joys of being a teacher is so immense, I could never think of any other job which can give me the same.


What other profession gets you this much cards in a day?

To all teachers out there, happy teacher’s day! ^_^

I don’t use chalk anymore, though. :p

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Science Class: Flower Juice

This is the first topic we did for our Science class which we started this month.

Asking the kids if they like the taste of honey and if they’re wondering where it came from, we had the ball rolling.

These were the materials we used.



I explained how the bees make use of their tube-like tongues as straws to suck the nectar from the flower. We made flowers using paper plates, and crepe papers. We attached a plastic cup at the center of the paper plate. They mixed some powdered juice and water on their plastic cup and sipped away using a straw.

Kiddos had their proboscis and became bees for a day. :)

Kiddos had their proboscis and became bees for a day. 🙂

The kids enjoyed making the flower and drinking the juice. Now, they know a big word: Proboscis!

Bring it to your class and have fun! Click here -> Flower Juice.

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Dress Up Like Mom and Dad

The first people we look up to are our parents. Wouldn’t it be fun to dress up like them?

Every September, we have this Dress Up Day and the kids get to dress up like their mommies and daddies. I always look forward to seeing the kids look cute in whatever mom’s or dad’s usual get up would be.

It’s fun to see boys looking as casual as the boy-next-door type or as formal as dad wearing a suit to work. Most girls in nice dresses looking prim and proper while others look pretty like mommy  in their tiny shorts matching it up with a pair of sunglasses and a scarf. But it can also become downright crazy when you see two-year-old kids wearing Armani suits *gasp*, Gucci shoes *gasp* or carrying branded purses like Dior *gasp* or Chanel *gasp*!  And no, they don’t do knock-offs *gasp gasp gasp*. It was a fun day, of course. I enjoyed seeing them looking and feeling gorgeous.

Dress Up Like Mom and Dad Day

Dress Up Like Mom and Dad Day

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Twenty-five and Blessed

I was kind of dreading September 7. I was a bit apprehensive of being 25. I have no savings, no investment, no particular plan for the future, not much to be proud of. I guess it is quarter-life crisis catching up on me. I had the feeling of wanting to make time freeze for a moment just so I can accomplish something before I become 25. But of course, I still have to face the inevitable.

It was a regular school day that Friday. I woke up and did my stuff to prepare for school. I’m having the bigger group for that day. My favorite kids are there and so, there would be less stress for the day. I don’t usually wear make up in school. Not even a touch of powder. But that day, I decided to prep up a bit and even tied up my hair.

The surprises came a day before. My friend, Ate Lanie, arrived the night before with a sunflower for me. We both turned in late but I got to go to the bathroom at around 2 or 3 in the morning and found her gift hanging on the bathroom door.

I got the usual birthday greetings from my housemates, workmates, and some kids. My 2-year olds were, of course, taught by my assistant teachers to greet me as soon as they arrived in the classroom. You can just imagine how adorable they were wishing me “Happy birthday, Teacher Vera.” which sounded more like “Happy Betday, Peache Weya.”

At around 9 a.m., my boss’ driver knocked on my classroom door and told me that I have a phone call. When I got to the front desk, I got the surprise I wanted.

The Bouquet from Hun

The Bouquet from Hun

Last year, I got a bouquet from hun which I never really expected since he never gave me flowers on occasions. So this year, I kind of expected it already. But when Ate Lanie gave me the sunflower the night before, she told me that hun didn’t text her anything. That got me thinking that I won’t be getting one from him this year. I asked him about it and said that he’d just make up for it on Valentine’s. Of course, I was a little sad. So much for my impatience, hence the reaction.

I went back to my classroom to continue teaching but the kids wanted to see the flowers and grabbed it from all sides. Good thing it survived. Five minutes after, my boss came in singing happy birthday making the kids sing along. Another 10 minutes later, someone came in singing with a chocolate cake and red velvets from the kids’ mommies.

Candy Class: A Surprise From Their Mommies

Candy Class: A Surprise From Their Mommies

Another surprise from my workmates:

The "Maligayang Bali" Cake

The “Maligayang Bali” Cake

I have a birthday cake toy in the classroom and it was just so sweet when the kids try to sing me the Happy Birthday song and wanting me to blow the candles until the following week. They’re just adorable!

My family celebrated my birthday back home. I joked that they even prepared more food at home than what I served for my workmates and housemates.

These people made me realize that happiness isn’t about anything material. My blessings and achievements came in a different package. I may not have savings or investment yet but I know I am blessed with so much people who care for me, appreciate me, love me, and are inspired by me. I have my family and boyfriend to keep me going everyday. I have my friends who make life easier to go through. I have people who trust me with their children. I have these little children who make me remember my purpose in life.

Now, I know I shouldn’t be dreading aging. I have a full life ahead of me. I am in my mid-twenties and I should be making the most of my youth. Yeah, being 25 isn’t so bad after all. My life is just beginning and it’s time to fulfill my dreams. 🙂

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Hansel and Gretel Preschool Presents RIO

Today, we had our last school performance for the school year. Our theme is the movie RIO.

We had our general rehearsal in the morning and the actual performance was at 3:00 in the afternoon. I was quite satisfied with the kids’ dances during practice, but during the actual performance, a lot of kids were crying.

It was really stressful from the moment I entered the room assigned to my class. One boy wouldn’t wear his costume. Another boy wanted to be with his nanny. Two girls felt sleepy. I bought jellies so I can bribe them to dance or make them stop crying.

When it was the girls’ turn to dance, out of 10, only 1 really followed all throughout the song. The others were following at some point. What was frustrating was that I put the best dancer in the middle only to have her stand and stare at me all throughout the actual dance. Another good dancer cried (and it was really loud).

The boys’ group was not so different. 3 of them cried. 1 kept on walking away from his place. 1 didn’t even make it through the performance. I was kind of relieved when most of them jumped when it was needed for them to jump.

All in all, it was OK for me. It was far from perfect. The practice was even better. But what can I do? They are babies after all. I was already ecstatic to see them move and have the confidence to stand on stage in front of hundreds of people. They can be very difficult to handle, even more difficult to teach them to dance perfectly, but they are so adorable perfect dance steps are the last thing I’d worry about. More pictures to come. 🙂

Candy Class

(L-R) Indira, Clarissa, Rebecca, Chiara, Maxie, Randall

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The Courage to Teach

teacher and its importance

teacher and its importance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am supposed to work on my weekly plan to be submitted tomorrow but I so wanted to catch a glimpse on Vergelle’s multiply…and here’s what I found. This is a blog entry of one of her teachers from Philippine Science High School.

Parker J. Palmer (1998), author of the phenomenal book The Courage To Teach succinctly explains why humiliating and distrusting any teacher in whatever form is divisive, destructive, and ultimately, debilitating:

Teaching and learning are critical to our individual and collective survival and to the quality of our lives. The pace of change has us snarled in complexities, confusions and conflicts that will diminish us, or do us in, if we do not enlarge our capacity to teach and learn. At the same time, teacher-bashing has become a popular sport. Panic-stricken by the demands of our day, we need scapegoats for the problems we cannot solve and the sins we cannot bear.

“Teachers make an easy target, for they are such common species and so powerless to strike back. We blame teachers for being unable to cure social ills that no one knows how to treat; we insist that they constantly adopt whatever “solution” has most recently been concocted by our national panacea machine; and in the process, we demoralize, even paralyze, the very teachers who could help us find our way.

“In our rush to reform education, we have forgotten a simple truth: reform will never be achieved by renewing appropriations, restructuring schools, rewriting curricula, and revising texts if we continue to demean and dishearten the human resource called the teacher on whom so much depends. Teachers must be better compensated, freed from bureaucratic harassment, given a role in academic governance, and provided with the best possible methods and materials. But none of that will transform education if we fail to cherish – and challenge – the human heart that is the source of good teaching.”

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Being Young

Maundy Thursday today. No school today and tomorrow.

We got invited to a student’s birthday party in Lollipop in Gandaria City. Another first for me. Such a cool place and it made me want to be a kid again. We also got to play in some areas but the Flying Fox was something I so wanted to try. Unfortunately, adults cannot be accommodated. We just enjoyed the huge inflatable slide. It’s bad that we cannot get a decent picture as everyone was jumping causing the unsteady shots.

Ball pool!

That's the big slide behind us

Ms. Nilam, Ms. Tammy and me. Ready to slide!

She almost wet her pants

The last picture was Ate Lanie. She was so scared that her students tried to push her down. She kept screaming and tried to use her feet to slow down. We were laughing so hard it gave us tummy-aches. Then one girl came to her and hugged her saying, “It’s OK, Teacher. Very good.” It was such an “Aaaww…” moment.

The party itself was great. I had a hard time understanding their language but I tried my best with context clues. The kids were so entertaining and so bright in answering questions. None of them were killjoys. They danced and did whatever they were told.

Game on!

These kids are really entertaining.

I so love this class. They just have the right amount of innocence which is so fun to watch.

I enjoyed playing with the kids. It was fun to be dragged to play. Sliding and jumping released some stress that I have been feeling. It made me want to go back to the time where all I have to worry about are homeworks and friends. I want to go back to a place like this and make myself a child again.

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