The Superwoman

If you weren’t born on a day like today sometime during the 1950s, many of us won’t be where we are now. Your siblings, your children, even your siblings’ children, you’ve raised all of us well. You’ve been through a lot but you never gave up. It’s one of the things you unconsciously taught us.

I know you’re very much fulfilled already. Maybe not with money, but you are blessed with lots of people who love you, appreciate you, and need you.You might be adding another year to your age but with all the love and happiness you feel everyday, you are aging gracefully. You are still the most beautiful mom in the world.

With everything you’ve endured being a mother, a breadwinner, a military spouse, you are definitely our only superwoman. I love you to infinity and beyond!

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Happy Birthday, Mama!


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Paying Homage Pinoy Style

Being an overseas worker, it has been two years since I last celebrated All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days with my family. Since both of my grandfathers have died, we would either go to Libingan ng mga Bayani or go to Zambales.

On the first of November, I lit this Paschal-tall candle and offered a silent prayer as I remember and pay homage to my grandfathers and other relatives who have passed on.

Tatang Amando, Lolo Juanito, Uncle Alfredo Sr., Auntie Trinidad, see you at the crossroads.

The candle only lasted for 14 hours. Not so great.

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Love Day



They say that love is a cycle.

You fall in love.
You become happy.
You get hurt.

It starts.
It ends.
You begin again.

I was happy.
I was hurt.

But I fall in love time and again…
And it was with that same person I said “Yes” to
2345 days ago.

I love you.
Forever and always.


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7th Anniversary Date

Cebu Pacific Seat Sale

Cebu Pacific Seat Sale

I was about to sleep but I decided to check my Facebook first before turning in. This was the first thing I saw. So, I spent the next hour trying to book a flight for the boyfriend. I don’t have a credit card and I still owe my mom and sister my flight back home for December so I was panicking not knowing how I can book. Fortunately, the airline had an over-the-counter payment option. As soon as I decided on the dates, I just guessed boyfriend’s passport number and proceeded with the reservation. I sent him a message after that he should pay the fare at the bank the following morning.

It’s a crazy seat sale. Cebu Pacific can be cunning at times but you can easily forgive them for their super dooper cheap fares and I couldn’t just let it pass. Here’s why…



The base fare is just P1 for one way. I just hate the fuel surcharge but, of course, I couldn’t really complain. It’s still pending and I’m hoping that I would be receiving the confirmed itinerary tomorrow. Yay! He’s bound for Jakarta but we are still deciding whether we will stay in Jakarta then visit Bandung or go back to Bali. I could also bring him to Yogyakarta to see Borobudur and Prambanan. It’s still a long way to go but I can’t help but feel excited. It’s going to be another awesome anniversary! This time, we’ll make sure he won’t get offloaded. Documents will definitely be ready for this. Ay-yay-yay!

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Preps for Trick or Treat

Treats for Halloween

Treats for Halloween

I just bought goodies today for our school’s Trick or Treat on Wednesday. I am so poor lately hence the few goodies this year compared to last year.  It’s kinda difficult to think of treats which are not too sweet for the kids. Can’t we just let them take sweets once a year?! Oh well. Will start making individual packs tomorrow.

Candy Class 2012

Candy Class 2012

This was last year’s Candy Class. Aren’t they adorable? Already getting excited to see my class on Wednesday! Will post again soon. 🙂


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Happy Eid!

Jurassic machine

Jurassic machine

This was what I’ve been using for a week in making worksheets. I do use this regularly for printing since I don’t really have a choice but I try to avoid it for other purposes. It’s the only computer and printer for teachers in our school. Crazy? I know!  Since my laptop’s charger finally gave up, I couldn’t use it so I have to endure the pain of working using the Jurassic machine. It takes about 10 minutes just to download one picture and about an hour to print 10 pages. I think I have developed extreme patience because of this. LOL.

After a week of sacrifice, Pink is alive! I finally decided not to buy a new laptop. I chose to buy a universal charger, headphones/microphone, and an external hard drive. I thought it would be best to save my files first before my computer completely dies on me. I couldn’t bear to spend for a new laptop or I’ll go hungry for a month. Spent a little over 1,000,000 IDR for all these recent purchases. I have money to spare for a new phone! I was seriously tempted…but I chose not to. Saving up for the holidays!

Recent purchases

Recent purchases

Haay! Korean dramas are lined-up. Drama marathon for the long weekend is so on! First on the list: Arang and the Magistrate. Teehee! I had a week of sacrifice so I have the right enjoy my own version of the Eid. Enjoy the long weekend, everyone! Happy Eid to all our Muslim brothers and sisters! 🙂

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Of Apples And Chalkdust

Teacher's Day 2012

What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.  ~Karl Menninger

For these little children who call me “Peacher Beya”, what I teach in the classroom matters less than the comfort of kiss and hug for every tear because of a bump or when mommy is nowhere to be found. From the simple things they were able to accomplish to every small word uttered give me fulfillment knowing I taught them that. The joys of being a teacher is so immense, I could never think of any other job which can give me the same.


What other profession gets you this much cards in a day?

To all teachers out there, happy teacher’s day! ^_^

I don’t use chalk anymore, though. :p

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Life Is Just Beginning

…for Ate Lanie. She just turned 40 last September 29 and we had a 3-day celebration.

She planned to treat everyone at work last Friday since her actual birthday was Saturday. But here in Indonesia, they believed that one cannot celebrate his/her birthday in advance as it brings bad luck. However, our other friends, Kuya Arie and Kuya Gustaf, will be busy the following day, so we just had an “ordinary” dinner at home that Friday night. Of course, regardless of their belief, we still think that that night was her advance birthday dinner. Great food that night, but since most Indonesians don’t really drink, we just had a few bottles of San Mig Light and Mix Max (plus Smirnoff and Jack Daniels). Teehee. San Mig Light suddenly became too bitter for me (or maybe because it wasn’t cold enough) but I enjoyed the Blueberry flavor of Mix Max.

We didn’t have Magic Sing karaoke so we just had Youtube. So, Kuya Arie decided he needed to buy one when he visits the Philippines this December.

Happy Birthday, Ate Lanie!

Happy Birthday, Ate Lanie!

Happy Birthday, Ate Lanie!

Happy Birthday, Ate Lanie!

We ended at around 11pm. What she didn’t know was that there’s another surprise waiting for her the following morning. Ms. Tammy, Ms, Yuke, and I planned a wake-up greeting for her on her actual birthday.



It didn’t end there as we planned for a Taman Mini trip the following day!


*Tagalog dictionary 🙂

Ate /a-te/ – older sister

Kuya /koo-yah/ – older brother

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