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It’s three in the morning and I’m still wide awake. I have to start getting ready for school/work by 6am. I should also mention that I just ended the long weekend. No classes since Thursday because of Islamic New Year. I wasn’t able to do anything productive since last Thursday from watching too much videos of Lee Min Ho’s Fun Meet in the Philippines.

Why am I still up? I just finished cramming progress report comments of 17 kids (That will be comments on 4 skills for 17 kids) to be checked by my principal. No deadline for this but I have to submit it for checking before I can encode it and add pictures in the tedious progress portfolio.

Cramming - the result of procrastinating

Cramming – the result of procrastinating

Well, it’s a good thing that I was able to finish. Finished with the comments, I mean. More work lined up until the end of the month. Though, I wouldn’t complain because I’ll be home soon!

Oh, the life of a fan girl! @_@

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Lee Min Ho Bench Fun Meet

When God showered Earth with beauty, Min Ho, I believe, was very wide awake and waiting outside. He has the perfect look and a height to match.


While he seems to be enjoying Manila and his fans loving every minute of the fun meet, I am stuck here in Jakarta trying my best not to die from envy. I could have been home for the long weekend so I can see him but all I can do now is to watch all the videos I can find in Youtube. Although I am having the greatest regret of not seeing him in person, this video made me feel I was there, too. The screams are contagious that I am trying so hard to suppress the shrieks coming up my throat which should not have been a problem if it isn’t 3am.


Oh, oppa, when will I see you?! T____T

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Korean Love

Korean dramas and videos are my guilty pleasures. I have developed huge crushes on Korean actors. Lee Min Ho, Lee Dong Wook, Jung Yong Hwa, Jang Geun Suk, Joo Ji Hoon drive me crazy. I love BigBang. ’nuff said. And since several young Korean actors came from groups and bands, I enjoy watching videos in Youtube.

This video made me worship Taecyon. Sexy abs. Hotness overload.

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Happy Eid!

Jurassic machine

Jurassic machine

This was what I’ve been using for a week in making worksheets. I do use this regularly for printing since I don’t really have a choice but I try to avoid it for other purposes. It’s the only computer and printer for teachers in our school. Crazy? I know!  Since my laptop’s charger finally gave up, I couldn’t use it so I have to endure the pain of working using the Jurassic machine. It takes about 10 minutes just to download one picture and about an hour to print 10 pages. I think I have developed extreme patience because of this. LOL.

After a week of sacrifice, Pink is alive! I finally decided not to buy a new laptop. I chose to buy a universal charger, headphones/microphone, and an external hard drive. I thought it would be best to save my files first before my computer completely dies on me. I couldn’t bear to spend for a new laptop or I’ll go hungry for a month. Spent a little over 1,000,000 IDR for all these recent purchases. I have money to spare for a new phone! I was seriously tempted…but I chose not to. Saving up for the holidays!

Recent purchases

Recent purchases

Haay! Korean dramas are lined-up. Drama marathon for the long weekend is so on! First on the list: Arang and the Magistrate. Teehee! I had a week of sacrifice so I have the right enjoy my own version of the Eid. Enjoy the long weekend, everyone! Happy Eid to all our Muslim brothers and sisters! 🙂

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This Korean Depression


Big Bang Alive Tour

Big Bang Alive Tour

Sold like hotcakes. Learned about it too late that it was sold out as I checked on it. It was a two-day concert and I never got the chance. 😥


Lee Min Ho for Bench

Lee Min Ho for Bench

Free invites by just buying P500-1,500 worth of Bench products! CRAZEEEEH! Yes, crazily cheap! The catch: Cannot go home on that date! Why can’t it be on December?! Why does it have to be November?! Why not wait of me, oppa?! Waaaaaaaah!

I don’t know how I can get over this.

Oh how can I get myself to be hired in Korea?!

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Loving Lee Hyun Jae

piercing browns

or puppy eyes


a smile

or a frown


those locks

or those arms

or that talent

How could you not want him?

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