Yey! Holiday!

One of the perks in being a teacher is you also get to have your own vacation. If the school declares “No Classes”, you get to stay home but still have your pay for the day. There are also suspension of classes which means you can also go home. But unlike in the Philippines, where we have lots of suspension of classes due to storm, typhoon, monsoon rain or just plain strong winds, Indonesian schools do not suspend classes. Maybe rarely but I had never experienced one. So when public holidays are announced, I just couldn’t contain my excitement.

Tomorrow is the second-round run-off gubernatorial election here in Jakarta. I realized that I don’t know any political figures here, not even the president. So, I tried researching. The only name I heard somewhere is Suharto. I thought he is the present president, but as I tried searching just a few minutes ago, I learned that he was actually the second president of the Republic of Indonesia who took office in 1967 until 1998. Phew! That’s a long way back!

The candidates for tomorrow’s run-off are:

Joko Widodo

Joko Widodo


Fauzi Bowo

Fauzi Bowo

Jokowi is the mayor of Surakarta (Solo). I have been there and it was such a nice place. I learned then that its mayor is a such a great mayor to be able to transform Solo into what it is now. What I didn’t know then that that mayor was one of the Top 10 Mayors of 2008 and that he was one of the candidates running for the gubernatorial election in Jakarta.

Foke is the 13th governor of Jakarta and he is running for his second term. He looks decent even with that mustache of his. According to my research (Thanks, Wikipedia!), he has good credentials in education. He might have created projects to manage traffic in Jakarta but they failed though it is in his term that the MRT feasibility study started.

I cannot say much from what I gather from the internet but I hope the people of Jakarta can make a wise choice in tomorrow’s election.

Traffic management is one of the issues both candidates carried into their campaign. I hope this gets addressed by either one of them.

I didn’t think something could be worse than Philippine traffic. Yes, traffic here in Jakarta is way too crazy!

Vote wisely, Jakartans! Enjoy the holiday, everyone. I know I will. 🙂

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