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Day 01 – 30 Interesting Facts About Yourself

30-Day Meme Challenge Series

This is definitely an egoistic post but since it is part of the 30-day meme challenge, you can never really blame me. I couldn’t think of any interesting stuff about myself so I just wrote down some facts (never mind if it’s uninteresting) about myself. I am Vera, 24 years old and here goes nothing…

1. I am a proud Filipino. I may go places but I always go back to where home is.

2. Korean dramas and movies are my guilty pleasures. I hate to admit it but I am starting to stop at anything Korean. South Korea is my dream vacay destination.

3. Lee Min Ho is my ultimate crush. ‘Nuff said.

4. I tend to become obsessive compulsive.

5. I have a habit of rubbing the soles of my feet on rough surfaces and rubbing my lips on silk.

6. I love eating…but I don’t really enjoy pork and beans.

7. I used to dance really well. I joined dance clubs from elementary through high school and got accepted in university cheering team without going through auditions.

8. I was once very thin. But even then, I was still the fattest and shortest among 4 siblings.

9. I prefer ampalaya (bitter gourd) with egg over caldereta/menudo/mechado/afritada.

10. I did Karate for 7 years. I made it until second-dan brown.

11. I wanted to take up Dentistry but I ended up being a teacher because my parents could no longer afford to send me to a private school.

12. I got a 4-year scholarship with stipend which included a Masters program. I finished the 4-year Education course in 3 years but I couldn’t get my lazy ass to work on the graduate thesis anymore. Pssh!

13. I have worn dental braces for a decade. It wasn’t really done when I asked for removal but I just couldn’t live another year with it.

14. I don’t like medium totes. I prefer big bags.

15. I love cranberry juice. I don’t like it sweetened though.

16. I believe I have herpetophobia (fear of reptiles); or ophidiophobia (fear of snakes). I even get easily scared when looking at photographs of snakes. Just the mere thought of it now makes me shiver.

17. My family thought I had my boyfriend after graduating from college. Truth is, we got together on my junior year. Though, I think they already had a hunch or they already knew from the beginning but they just waited for me to tell them myself.

18. As of press time, I am loving  a guy for exactly 2141 days.

19. I said “Yes!” on the 6th of June, 2006. Yeah, that’s a 666.

20. My grandparents’ house in the province is on the side across the beach. I spent my childhood summers there with my cousins. All my cousins learned how to swim. I never did.

21. I could watch Casper over and over again…because of the young Devon Sawa.

22. I wish to set foot on all 7 continents.

23. I love singing but singing seems to hate me.

24. I worked as a hotel reservation expert in a call center company. Contrary to what most people say about call centers, it does require a well-rounded being. It was a great experience as I got to know the essentials in processing personal hotel reservations. But I am definitely not going back. Teaching suits me best.

25. I super-duper love reading. I remember borrowing 3 books everyday from the school library and stealing books from my grandpa. It was only when my youngest sister got hooked on Harry Potter that my mom decided to splurge on books. Our idea of shopping is buying books. I once came home with at least 25 books in my loot from the World Book Fair. My mom just smiled.

26. I enjoy carrying tots. I am currently teaching pre- pre-schoolers. They are 1.5 – 2-year-old kids. I remember feeling like a nanny during my first month tidying up the toys they played with. It is really amazing how fast they grow and improve within a span of 10 months.

27. My most treasured jewelry are 1) diamond earrings I got from my mom when I was in 11; 2) white gold necklace I got from my dad when I was 13; 3) white gold bangles I got from my brother; and 4) very old 2-tone Guess watch from my aunt. Jewelry is best when given as a gift.

28. A nice smile is an immediate turn-on. Unclean fingernails are immediate turn-off.

29. I like buying in bulks or in big amounts. I believe I get to save more (you know, like what they do in a shopping warehouse).

30. I never realized how difficult being away from the family is until I left. My parents are super supportive. My sibs are the best. Fortunately, I get to go home every after 5 months and spend a month with them. Thank God for technology, I get to talk to them anytime I want to.

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