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The Courage to Teach

teacher and its importance

teacher and its importance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am supposed to work on my weekly plan to be submitted tomorrow but I so wanted to catch a glimpse on Vergelle’s multiply…and here’s what I found. This is a blog entry of one of her teachers from Philippine Science High School.

Parker J. Palmer (1998), author of the phenomenal book The Courage To Teach succinctly explains why humiliating and distrusting any teacher in whatever form is divisive, destructive, and ultimately, debilitating:

Teaching and learning are critical to our individual and collective survival and to the quality of our lives. The pace of change has us snarled in complexities, confusions and conflicts that will diminish us, or do us in, if we do not enlarge our capacity to teach and learn. At the same time, teacher-bashing has become a popular sport. Panic-stricken by the demands of our day, we need scapegoats for the problems we cannot solve and the sins we cannot bear.

“Teachers make an easy target, for they are such common species and so powerless to strike back. We blame teachers for being unable to cure social ills that no one knows how to treat; we insist that they constantly adopt whatever “solution” has most recently been concocted by our national panacea machine; and in the process, we demoralize, even paralyze, the very teachers who could help us find our way.

“In our rush to reform education, we have forgotten a simple truth: reform will never be achieved by renewing appropriations, restructuring schools, rewriting curricula, and revising texts if we continue to demean and dishearten the human resource called the teacher on whom so much depends. Teachers must be better compensated, freed from bureaucratic harassment, given a role in academic governance, and provided with the best possible methods and materials. But none of that will transform education if we fail to cherish – and challenge – the human heart that is the source of good teaching.”

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