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Long-distance Relationships

Long-distance relationship.

I’m getting confused as to what to feel right now. Is it nice or not?

No, it’s not about me. In fact, in as much as I miss Elo, I am kinda enjoying the feeling of missing him. I realized how important he is in my life. I get to appreciate all his efforts. He sends me a text message every morning which became my alarm clock and I would reply when it’s time for me to leave the house. I miss him so much that I get excited each time my phone bleeps expecting a message from him. That, in itself, is a realization on how I had taken for granted the messages I received from him when we were always together. Don’t get me wrong. It’s difficult and it hurts like hell not to hear his voice, see his face and hug him whenever I feel like it. But what can I do? However, being away from each other, we always look forward to the day we’d meet again.

Yeah, I am aware that all things are possible. I am still open to the fact that there is a big possibility for feelings to change and people to drift apart. So far, we are holding true to our promise, our commitment to persevere so we can soon be together.

But that is not what prompted me to write about long-distance relationships. I am writing about the downside of being in one. I have learned of stories from couples who were once in LDR. There are those who are still able to hold on and another great story which will lead to the altar on June (Yes, I’m talking about you, Grace). However, majority of them didn’t get their so-called happy ending.

I have a friend who didn’t get hers. Friend had the boyfriend. She got pregnant and they lived in together. She worked abroad and left the son and boyfriend. Soon enough, boyfriend was not able to remain faithful. Since they were not married, boyfriend easily took off without a word. Unbelievable, I thought. It only happens in television dramas. How in the world would you sacrifice your child’s right to have a complete family in lieu of personal gratification?  I would perfectly understand if you have been living together under one roof, tried to mend things and, eventually, realized that it cannot be done. But if you are apart and just decide because the other is not present to give you what you want/need is a different issue. It clearly shows weakness and selfishness. That person is weak for not being able to fight off temptations or easily give up and selfish for not considering the other’s feelings.

I realized, today, my friend’s story above is not so impossible. It made me cry that having children doesn’t guarantee unmarried couples of not breaking up especially if one of them has other priorities in life (and Family is not on top of the list). It is just so sad that some people can easily throw away the years of highs and lows spent together. It breaks my heart that they can easily give up on the person they love for something temporary.

Anyway, things are not yet final. On bad days like this, I would remind myself that “Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, then, it’s not the end.” I am praying for the best.

(Kaya Brad, lablab! Fighting!)



In this era of technology, everything is possible. No excuses.

Elo (my love) is able to text me every single day since the day I left. He doesn’t have his own computer but he leaves me messages if he can’t meet me online.

How about you? What’s your excuse? Oh, sorry. Not accepted.

But because I love you, I’ll let you off the hook.

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