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Lee Min Ho Bench Fun Meet

When God showered Earth with beauty, Min Ho, I believe, was very wide awake and waiting outside. He has the perfect look and a height to match.


While he seems to be enjoying Manila and his fans loving every minute of the fun meet, I am stuck here in Jakarta trying my best not to die from envy. I could have been home for the long weekend so I can see him but all I can do now is to watch all the videos I can find in Youtube. Although I am having the greatest regret of not seeing him in person, this video made me feel I was there, too. The screams are contagious that I am trying so hard to suppress the shrieks coming up my throat which should not have been a problem if it isn’t 3am.


Oh, oppa, when will I see you?! T____T

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Day 13 – Somewhere You’d Like To Move Or Visit

30-Day Meme Challenge Series

I have been so addicted to Korean dramas and movies. I really like the romantic-comedy story-lines. But other than all that, I am so hooked with the Korean actors. Teehee.

It started with just one drama that led to another. Then, eventually, I got to appreciate the music as well. Korean language has become so familiar to my ear. I still do not understand it (aside from the basic annyeong haseyo and the likes) but hearing it and listening to it are no longer painful to the ear.

If a drama turned out to be really good (if I shuddered in delight), I usually fall in love with the actor then move on watching his other dramas or movies. Sometimes, if I can no longer find any other drama with them in it, I’d go to youtube and look for other videos.

I got so hooked that I ended up liking anything Korean. I enjoy the food. I even learned how to make the chapchae/jabche. I searched online so I can learn the language which is really difficult. I got to learn the alphabet though.

I want to learn everything about South Korea. I so wanted to go to Seoul, to Busan, and also visit the famous Jeju Island. I want to go there and really see the beauty of it. I want to eat Korean street food, visit a traditional Korean house, and walk those Korean streets. I want to visit the house used in Full House, the coffee shop of the Coffee Prince, and visit the Teddy Bear Museum.

If there’s one place I’d like to live in other than the Philippines, it has to be South Korea. I even tried looking online of job openings for Filipino teachers. So far, I have not succeeded. They usually want someone whose native language is English.

I will go there one day. It is quite easy, I know. There are already lots of people I know who got to visit there. Maybe 1 school break after I have saved up enough money for the trip. Hopefully it would be soon and maybe I can see Min Ho or Yong Hwa in person. Just maybe though but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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