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Hansel and Gretel Preschool Presents RIO

Today, we had our last school performance for the school year. Our theme is the movie RIO.

We had our general rehearsal in the morning and the actual performance was at 3:00 in the afternoon. I was quite satisfied with the kids’ dances during practice, but during the actual performance, a lot of kids were crying.

It was really stressful from the moment I entered the room assigned to my class. One boy wouldn’t wear his costume. Another boy wanted to be with his nanny. Two girls felt sleepy. I bought jellies so I can bribe them to dance or make them stop crying.

When it was the girls’ turn to dance, out of 10, only 1 really followed all throughout the song. The others were following at some point. What was frustrating was that I put the best dancer in the middle only to have her stand and stare at me all throughout the actual dance. Another good dancer cried (and it was really loud).

The boys’ group was not so different. 3 of them cried. 1 kept on walking away from his place. 1 didn’t even make it through the performance. I was kind of relieved when most of them jumped when it was needed for them to jump.

All in all, it was OK for me. It was far from perfect. The practice was even better. But what can I do? They are babies after all. I was already ecstatic to see them move and have the confidence to stand on stage in front of hundreds of people. They can be very difficult to handle, even more difficult to teach them to dance perfectly, but they are so adorable perfect dance steps are the last thing I’d worry about. More pictures to come. 🙂

Candy Class

(L-R) Indira, Clarissa, Rebecca, Chiara, Maxie, Randall

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