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The Love Cycle

Browsing through peoples’ FB profiles and tumbled upon a love-inspired status which turned into an intellectual discussion on L-O-V-E.

*Credits to the owners of such remarkable brains. O_o

** A, thanks to you and your friends. Tell them I said hi. đŸ˜€

Elmo: Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

Dominic: Furthermore, love necessitates that the happiness of the other person be achieved only by the total self-giving of that other person and of yours, as well.

Raizyl: Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is more important than your own happiness.

Dominic: True. But that’s not the end of it. You see, man is meant to be happy as well. That’s why, unrequited love is the worst.

Raizyl: Yeah but often times some “unreciprocated”, if there’s such a word, love is true love, something that never ask for anything in return…unconditional love ika nga.

Dominic: That is only one side of reality. Just remember this: Man is made to love and be loved. That’s the complete picture. So, unrequited love is a waste of time. Even if the essence of love — total self-giving — is there, the whole thing is incomplete if there is no receiver who acknowledges the love and gives it back. Syempre, on the part of the giver, you are not expecting anything in return, so to speak. But, the nature of man is such: he is to love and be loved.

Raizyl: But often times when we love and get loved, it sometimes turn from unconditional to being conditional.

Dominic: You’re right. But, to succumb to that tendency is to give up on man’s capacity to love.

Raizyl: Sadly, imperfection makes us vulnerable to that tendency.

Dominic: Quite right. But we are also capable of overcoming it.

Raizyl: It’s a cycle, I guess. You realize it when it’s gone then you begin again.

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